Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club Inc.

Hamilton Combined Club

As a club member you will be aware your executive committee has been in discussions with a number of other Hamilton chartered clubs. These discussions have been investigating the viability of all of these clubs amalgamating or merging into a large modern complex better suited for members in this day and age.

Meetings in regard to this started back in April 2012. Since then there have been four meetings and a combined information letter has gone out to members of all the clubs involved.

On the 16th October there was a presentation by Lee Davis CEO of Clubs of Marlborough and Gus Rieper from Clubs New Zealand. This was held at the Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club and given to executive members from five Waikato Clubs, some Hamilton City Councilors, and a number of other interested parties. The presentation was aimed at enlightening attendees on the experiences faced by Clubs of Marlborough in their amalgamations and mergers and also what Clubs New Zealand is observing throughout New Zealand with chartered clubs merging and amalgamating. Basically the presentation was about finding out what is the right way and wrong way to carry out any merger.

It is important to remember that as a member the final decision to pursue any form of amalgamation or merger lies with you and it cannot happen without membership approval.

As part of the information sharing process I am providing links in the right sidebar to a number of documents including meeting minutes, presentations and other relevant documentation on what your clubs have done in investigating the merger options. These documents are also held in hard copy at the club for members to view should you prefer this option.

Richard Shepard

Secretary Manager