Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club

Notice of Annual General Meeting

In accordance with Club Rule 6 Fourteen (14) clear days notice of such meeting shall be given by notice posted on the club notice board and club webpage and a copy of such notice sent to individual members by email or post mail at their request seven (7) clear days prior to the date of such meeting.  

Notice is hereby given that the 54th Annual General Meeting of Members of the Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club (Inc) will be held in the Club premises on Sunday 23rd June 2019 commencing at 10.00 am.


In accordance of Rule 9g. A notice of motion shall be on the Club Notice Board 21 days prior to AGM

In accordance with Rule 4.4d. A notice of intention to recommend a Life Member shall be posted on the Club Notice Board 14 days before AGM.

Changes to the Club Rules to be proposed at the next AGM are as follows:

  • Trial Membership
  • Corporate Memberships
  • Authorised Customers and Reciprocal Visitors

Life Membership Nominations received.

To be discussed at AGM

  • Life member partners


Schedule for AGM 2019

Monday 6th May   

 – Nominations for Offices Open. (Nominations for office in accordance with Rules 15a, 15b, 16a, 16b, 17a, 17b, 17c, 18b, 24)

Sunday 2nd June 

– Nominations for Offices Closes (21 days before AGM Rule 18c)

– Motions Close. Given to Secretary and put on Notice Board (21 days  before AGM Rule 9g)

Sunday 9th June 

– Notice of AGM. Poster/Notice Board/Website (must be done at least  14 days before AGM Rule 6)

Sunday 16th June 

– Notice sent to members of AGM email/post (must be done at least 7 days before AGM Rule 6)

-Financial Report ready for members, website/emailed/hard copies/ posted at request (must be done at least 7 days before AGM Rule 31)

Monday 17th to Friday 21st June 

– Voting week. Closes Friday 6pm (Rule 18e)

(voting hours to be determined by Executive)

Sunday 23rd June 

– Annual General Meeting. 10am sharp

 Must have current membership cards, register of members attending and no entry once meeting started. (Rule 6)

Vacancies for Office:

3x Board of Appeal


3x Executive Committee

  • Any vacancies on the Executive Committee will be filled this election for a term of 1 year and will be up for re-election following year.



For the Executive Committee will be:

Monday 17th June 12 pm – 6 pm

Tuesday 18th June 12 pm – 10 pm

Wednesday 19th June 12 pm – 10 pm

Thursday 20th June 12 pm – 10 pm

Friday 21st June 12 pm – 6pm